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  1. 2019 - The concept of ringfencing and other examples of innovative ways of funding mental health and addictions services across IIMHL countries
  2. 2017 - Promoting Mentally Health Cities Across IIMHL Countries: I-CIRCLE
  3. 2017 - Mental Health and Addiction Leadership Programmes Across IIMHL Countries
  4. 2016 - Healthy Families: From ACEs to Trauma Informed Care to Resilience and Wellbeing: examples of policies and activities across IIMHL & IIDL countries
  5. 2016 - The Use of Tasers on People with Mental Health Problems Across IIMHL Countries
  6. 2016 - Services for People Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis Situation: Across IIMHL Countries
  7. 2015 - Some examples of Funding Methods for Mental Health and Addiction Services across IIMHL Countries
  8. 2015 - National Policies, Activities and Resources related to Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Development across IIMHL Countries
  9. 2015 - Creating High Quality Individualised Outcomes: The Role of Innovative Funding Leadership in Making This Happen
  10. 2014 - August: National Policies, Activities and Resources related to the Rights and the Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination
  11. 2014 - July: National Policies, Activities and School Resources for Suicide Prevention
  12. 2014 - March: Examples of Mental Health and Drug Courts across IIMH Countries
  13. 2013 - October: Best Practice in Infant Mental Health
  14. 2013 - August: The International Knowledge Exchange Network for Mental Health (IKENMH)
  15. 2012 - July: Key National Activities in Trauma Informed Care across IIMHL Countries
  16. 2011 - November: Key National Activities in Addiction Services across IIMHL Countries
  17. 2011 - May: Examples of MH Resources for Disaster Planning & Responsiveness across IIMHL Countries
  18. 2010 - November: Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk - A Summary of Some Peer Support Activities in IIMHL Countries