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The International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) is a unique international collaborative that focuses on improving mental health and addictions leadership and services across 10 sponsoring countries and regions: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands..

IIMHL organizes systems for leaders to share innovations, network and problem solve across countries and agencies. The overall aim is to promote mental health and well-being for everyone. This includes developing leaders who can create the best possible conditions for mental health in all sectors across the life-span. Equally, it includes developing leaders who can deliver the best possible outcomes for people who use mental health and addictions services and their families.

There is no direct cost to become a member of IIMHL. You are eligible to join IIMHL if you are in a leadership role.


IIMHL engages leaders from the mental health, addictions, mental wellness, public health and primary health fields, as well as academia and boundary spanners – innovators and leaders for mental health in sectors such as technology, education, housing, Indigenous and cultural health, business, etc.

Emerging leaders in these areas are also welcome to join.

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Influence is through research,
development, evaluation of policy and/or
lived experience that guides service delivery, for example.



Influence is through leading an organization
with a service delivery mandate, for example.
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Leaders work in all kinds of organizations.

Leaders work in all kinds of organizations. Examples include: community-based, government, non-government, private, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations. The organizations may provide services or fund them or may do both. 

Leaders may be:
consumers/users, family members, carers, community workers, executives,
policy analysts, researchers, clinicians, board members, for example. 



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