2017 IIMHL Match Summaries

Please see individual match summaries and match articles (9 only) from the 2017 IIMHL Leadership Exchange below.  For consolidated reports, please click on the links provided below:

  Match Title Report Article Short Video Long Video
1 Communicating behaviour change  pdf button      
2 Consumers or Service Users as Partners, Collaborators and Leaders in Mental Health Research: Exploring and Sharing ways to extend and sustain opportunities    pdf button    
3 Employment through Social Enterprises  pdf button      
4 Evidence based e-therapy and face-to-face therapy for the treatment for anxiety disorders across the lifespan    pdf button    
5 Family and Carer Leadership in Mental Health: Why it matters    pdf button    
6 First Responder Mental Health – A Proactive Approach         
7 Going Home: The Path to Wellness and Belonging   pdf button    
8 Healing and Empowerment: Indigenous Leadership in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention      VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half
9 Innovative clinical approaches to child and youth  mental health issues         
10 Integrate, Coordinate, Complement or Tolerate: Exploring international approaches to NGOS within mental health service systems  pdf button      
11 Leaders in Child and Youth Mental Health: Systems Issues and Solutions    pdf button    
12 Living Well, Living Longer: Improving physical health outcomes for people living with serious mental illness    pdf button    
13 Military Mental Health         
14 Perinatal and Infant Mental Health   pdf button   VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half
15 Physical Health Outcomes – A Different Perspective  pdf button      
16 Policing and Mental Health  pdf button      
17 Psychologically Safe Workplaces   pdf button      
18 Quality Improvement and Workforce Development: Building leadership and capability for quality improvement in mental health services  pdf button      
19 Recovery, Wellbeing and Citizenship     VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half
20 Rural and Remote Mental Health and Primary Care  pdf button      
21 Shared Learning in Clinical Practice: A multidisciplinary collaboration to advance research and best practice in mental health         
22 Suicide prevention using evidence based practices and digital technologies         
23 SYNERGY: Australia’s National Online System for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Service Innovation         
24 The Lived-experience Workforce: A Look at Diversity and Breadth of Roles that Lived-experience Workers are Making Their Own         
25 The uses and limits of Key Performance Indicators in comparing national mental health systems         
26 Transition-aged Youth        
27 Trauma-informed Service Integration for Trauma Recovery. Mental Health Services - Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Diverse traumas: Knowledge, resource sharing, interdisciplinary activity – the way forward for traum   pdf button    
28 Urban Planning Supporting Health and Wellbeing     VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half
29 Wellbeing Collaborative:  Wellbeing is Everyone's Business    pdf button VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half
30 Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life     pdf button    
31 Zero Suicide in Healthcare: From International Declaration to Local Action     VideoIcon-Half VideoIcon-Half