IIMHL Best Practice Videos and Webinars

May 2017:     TED Talk Dr Nadine Burke Harris 2014: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

Dec 2016:      IKEN-MH webinar ‘Perspectives on Child and Youth Mental Health and Youth in Care




Nov 2015:     Adaption of “Open Dialogue” to the US Healthcare Environment by Brenda Miele Soares and Chris Gordon

May 2015:     MI-AIMH Executive Director Addresses International Audience About Infant Mental Health

April 2015:     The Public's Mental Health and Wellbeing: A local, national and global challenge - Knowledge Exchange Centre Mental Health Commission of Canada

June 2014:    Dublin Dialogues: Short Video Discussing the Future of Mental Health

June 2014:    Dublin Dialogues: Long Video Discussing the Future of Mental Health 

April 2014:     Making it Happen: Wraparound Milwaukee 

March 2014:  Professor Harold Pincus: Establishing an international benchmarking framework

                      Mark Smith, Te Pou: Outcomes, indicators and benchmarking in New Zealand

Jan 2014:      IIMHL - IKEN-MH Nicholas Watters Presentation 


Presentations made in Sweden:

Sept 2013:    Milwaukee Wraparound presentations made in Sweden:

1.                  Coordinated-care-planning, the Wraparound Approach

2.                  How do you govern systems of care to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and youth and save money at the same time?

Jan 2013:      Robyn Shearer in Sweden

1.                  New Zealand's Key Performance Indicators for the Mental Health System - Development, Implementaton and Use

 2.                 Workforce Development in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Sector of New Zealand - The strategies of the national institute - Te Pou