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IIMHL & IIDL Leadership Exchange - 2018 Stockholm

Learnings from IIMHL Sweden 2018

The Value of IIMHL from a Canadian Perspective: Stephanie Priest

The Value of IIMHL from a Dutch Perspective: Dung Ngo

The Value of IIMHL from an American Perspective: Ken Jue

The Value of IIMHL from a Swedish Perspective: Kerstin Evelius

Wharerata Declaration

The Wharerātā Declaration was supported by IIMHL and published in the International Journal of Leadership in Public Service 6(1)2010.  In 2018 the Declaration is still being used to guide indigenous activities across IIMHL.  ..

2017 Annual Report

2017 IIMHL Annual Report (including IIDL)  Please click the image above or here to view the report .... >>>    

Previous Annual Reports

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Leadership Exchange 2018

2018 Leadership Exchange
Stockholm, Sweden
Network Meeting




International Knowledge Exchange
for Mental Health

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