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  Leadership Exchange - 2018 Stockholm





Registration ends on May 1, 2018,

or prior to that date if the maximum number of registrations is reached.




For more information about the Leadership Exchange see iimhl.se





Registration is free if you currently reside and work in one of the following IIDL supporting countries unless you register for the Network Meeting and do not attend without prior notice, in which case you will be INVOICED $400 USD:


   Australia  Sweden  Norway
   Canada  Denmark  Netherlands
   New Zealand  Iceland  
Registration costs $400 USD if you currently reside and work in a country not listed above.

You will be invoiced later, and payment must be received by us before you attend the Leadership Exchange.


About IIDL


To learn more about the philosophy and purpose behind IIDL, please click the following link:



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Join IIDL - Complete Membership Record


You must be an active IIDL member to register for this Leadership Exchange.  If you are already a member, you may skip this step.  However, if you are not yet a member, please click on the following link to Complete a Membership Record. IIMHL/IIDL administration staff will review your application and activate your IIDL membership within a day or two, and once this is complete you can move to Step 2 - Register.



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To register for the Leadership Exchange, please click on the following link  - PLEASE NOTE:  If you register for the Network Meeting and do not attend without prior notice, you will be invoiced $400 USD::


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Select Match


Once the above steps are complete, you can access the Leadership Exchange MATCHES listing at the following link. Here you will see the details of the various Matches that have been set up to date and you will be able to choose the Match in which you wish to participate.


All Matches will have a limited number of participants. When you click on a particular Match, an automated message to IIMHL/IIDL staff will advise them of your selection and a confirmation will be sent to you shortly thereafter.


To view Available Matches or to choose your Match please click on one of the following links:

NOTE:  Some Matches are open to both IIMHL and IIDL Attendees

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Make Hotel Reservations


You will also need to book hotel accommodation in Stockholm.  The venue for the two day Network Meeting on 31 May - 01 June is the Stockholm Globe Arena - Annexet.  The hotel is the Quality Globe and the link to book directly follows: 

 We urge members to book accommodation for this event as a matter of priority using the link above. Stockholm is hosting many international events at this time and accommodation will be at a premium.


For more information see


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