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2018 IIMHL Match Summaries

Please see individual match summaries and match articles (more to come soon) from the 2018 IIMHL Leadership Exchange below.  For consolidated reports and copies of presentations, please click on the links provided below: 

  Match Title Report Article/
Short Video Long Video
1 "Ask Once Get Help Fast" - Building a Collaborative Culture: Working beyond front-line boundaries to build Connected; Compassionate; Support for People Presenting with Distress pdf button      
2 Better Outcomes for Work Based Intervention Programs to Promote Health, Workability and Reduce Sick Leave        
3 Building Bridges Between Families/Carers & Service Systems        
4 Building Bridges Beyond Borders: Cities and urban regions as platforms for mental health (I-CIRCLE)        
5 Building Bridges – Empowering Sámi and Indigenous Mental Wellness        
6 Children & Youth: Innovation Across Countries

pdf button Match Notes 

pdf button Report

pdf button Werry Workforce Wharaurau

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 Werry Workforce Wharaurau

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 Michael Smith

7 Digital Technologies for Mental Health - Building Virtual Bridges for Prevention        
8 Facilitating Young People's Involvement and Advocacy in Service Design and Delivery, Policy and Research     VideoIcon-Half  
9 Financing and Economic Modelling to Incentivize Better Mental Health Outcomes        
10 Implementing Cross-sectoral Policies for Suicide Prevention – Challenges and opportunities        
11 Improving Mental Health Crisis Care         
12 Innovation in Addiction Services in Iceland pdf button      
13 Innovative Approaches to Mental Health in Primary Care        
14 Mental Health and Aging - A public health challenge. How do we bridge the gap?        
15 Mental Health Metrics - International comparison of mental health        
16 Optimizing the Promise of School Mental Health - A roadmap to inclusion and better health        
17 Peer Support and Peer Involvement in Strategy Development - Practical implications and different experiences worldwide!        
18 Prevention and Health Promotion for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and Development (Stockholm)        
19 Promoting the Mental Health of Immigrants         
20 Self-harming Behaviour - Building Bridges Between Preventive and Clinical Approaches         
21 Serious Mental Health and Physical Health         
22 Substance Dependency and Mental Health - How do we build the bridge?         
23 Tackling Stigma as a Route to Mental Health Inclusion   pdf button    
24 The Right to Work in Practice - From Stigma and segregation to human rights and integration        
25 The Role of Research Funders and Intermediaries in Mental Health Systems Improvement        
26 Transforming Mental Health Through Large Scale Arts Initiatives        
27 Transforming Public Mental Health and Wellbeing with ‘ACE’ (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Related Innovation; Getting beyond clinical to community        
28 When Mental Health meets Human Rights